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New coupon with a price of 19 €: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gateway with Zigbee 3.0 protocol will connect your smart home

Xiaomi Universal Internet Gateway Mijia Smart Gateway is a relatively new product. It can combine a wide range of smart home elements into one control device and brings new control options. One of the lowest prices so far Seller Banggood now offers a stock offer that price smart gate Xiaomi…

What is Zigbee technology, why is it important for a smart home and what Xiaomi products support it?

Smart home is an increasingly inflected term. Many manufacturers try to offer the best possible solutions for mutual communication between individual devices. To be able to communicate wirelessly with each other, they need a protocol such as Zigbee. What is a Zigbee and what is it for? Zigbee is…

Xiaomi has new switches, socket and light. They are smart, have an app and really low prices

Xiaomi brings new products to its smart home. These are new switches, a socket or a small "night" light. They communicate with each other through the base, so there is also a new "Gateway", which, like other products, also supports the ZigBee 3.0 standard. New "Gateway" with ZigBee 3.0…




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