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Among smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi has increased the prices of its smartphones the most in recent years

Xiaomi has been experiencing its best times in recent years. There are constant reports on the Internet about the rapid progress of this Chinese giant, which also results in greater self-confidence and the associated rise in prices. Xiaomi is no longer a manufacturer…

Xiaomi will present another 3 smartphones with Snapdragon 870 this year. Can we look forward to flagship killers?

Only recently was the subsidiary brand POCO introduced to the world by the successor to the series of flagship killers called POCO F3. It literally caused it when tens of thousands of people bought it during the first day of the sale. The POCO F3 model excels right away

This is a list of secret codes for Xiaomi smartphones to access hidden features

Chinese giant Xiaomi's smartphones have been a great success lately. This is also indicated by the fact that Xiaomi has become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, overtaking Huawei itself. The manufacturer is therefore logically trying to bring users the latest features to…




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