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Xiaomi with the Wanbo brand brings an ultra-cheap projector with up to 180 ″ images. In CZ stock for a record 76 €

Xiaomi often works with other brands to create interesting products. One of these activities is the connection with the Wanbo brand and the creation of this cheap projector called Xiaomi Wanbo X1. The projector has already arrived in the CZ warehouse Projector Xiaomi…

The cheapest Xiaomi Wanbo X1 projector comes in a new smart version with Android 9.0, support for Netflix and YouTube

The Chinese company Xiaomi is now bringing its cheapest projector in a smart version called the Xiaomi Wanbo X1. It has Android 9.0 and also supports services such as Netflix and YouTube. When buying, you can also use our advantageous discount coupon. We have…




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