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The new Xiaomi One Finger Link gadget will add the latest UWB technology to older Xiaomi TVs

The Chinese company Xiaomi is bringing a new gadget called Xiaomi One Finger Link. This device will bring the new Xiaomi UWB wireless technology to older Xiaomi TVs. Xiaomi One Finger Link: A New Gadget For Any TV As We Learned…

This is how the new UWB technology works in Xiaomi MIX 4

Along with the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi MIX 4, the Chinese company Xiaomi has officially introduced the new Xiaomi UWB technology. In today's article, we will describe in detail how this innovative technology works. Xiaomi UWB technology The new Xiaomi UWB technology offers several advantages over…

Xiaomi introduces innovative UWB technology for controlling smart home devices

The Chinese giant is coming up with a completely new, innovative technology for controlling smart home devices. Xiaomi UWB (Ultra Wide Band) is intended to simplify and simplify the control and setup of smart home devices. The smart home revolution Xiaomi is currently using to control smart home devices…




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