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Xiaomi intelligent hot air oven with a volume of 30L has a new coupon in CZ stock. Prepares healthy food

In August 2020, a popular Chinese manufacturer introduced the Xiaomi smart oven to us Mijia Smart Steaming Oven. The device brings really great functions, which you can also control via a smartphone in the application. For the first time in CZ warehouse Intelligent hot air oven from the brand Xiaomi…

Xiaomi Mijia hot air oven with a volume of up to 32 L will surprise you with a great price in a European warehouse

The Xiaomi hot air oven comes with a volume of 32 liters, a maximum temperature of up to 230 ° C and a number of accessories in the package. You can buy it for a great price directly from a European warehouse. Great price in the EU warehouse Hot air oven bearing the model designation Xiaomi Mijia MDKXDE1ACM…

Xiaomi introduces an intelligent hot air oven that will offer up to 6 cooking options

Healthy living is currently a much discussed topic. Of course, consuming healthy things is very important. It is okay to go for a burger or pizza once in a while, but in the long run it is definitely not a good diet. This potential…




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