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Redmi introduces the new smart TV at really ridiculous prices. They offer great value for money

Redmi has introduced a new smart TV, which has started to sell for really ridiculous money. Considering what Redmi TVs offer, this is a really great offer. These are specifically the Redmi TV A32, Redmi TV A43 and Redmi… models.

New Xiaomi Mijia smart humidifier offers a volume of 2,2 liters, its own application and we can pre-order it

Xiaomi spews its products one after the other. One of the newest pieces in the portfolio is also the intelligent Xiaomi smart humidifier called Mijia Pure Smart Air Humidifier. New for sale Banggood International reseller comes first with an offer…

Xiaomi brings an intelligent toilet with automatic board opening and flushing

Of the other non-traditional products from Xiaomi, this time we have an intelligent toilet that does not need to be flushed. In addition, however, it also offers several other interesting features and a much lower price compared to the competition. Toilet that will do everything for you New toilet from…

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box is a new smart safe with 6 security methods

Xiaomi is launching another product, this time for the home. This is a smart safe Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box, which is not the first of its kind in the company's portfolio. However, this is made directly by Xiaomi, not by a partner brand.

Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat Pro is a new inflated smart kettle with display and application. We have the first coupon

Xiaomi offers a number of products within its portfolio for building a smart home. One of the new products is an intelligent kettle called Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat Pro. This kettle even offers a display or remote control. Of course…

Smart mattress with active heating? Yes, this is the latest tweak from Xiaomi

Xiaomi brings another interesting product within the e-commerce platform YouPin and crowdfunding. It is an intelligent mattress with heating, which comes from the workshop of the partner brand Chanitex. It offers interesting functions, but also a good price, while it will definitely find its use in every season and…

Xiaomi presents a premium smart toilet with bidet, heated bowl, WiFi and application control

Xiaomi is an inexhaustible source of ideas and the most diverse products it inhales with smart solutions. This brand has again managed to surprise and brings a smart toilet to the market for a comprehensive smart home solution. Toilet with WiFi The main goal of the Xiaomi brand is to build…




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