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The Redmi Go smartphone now costs less than the cheapest smart watch from Xiaomi

Xiaomi likes extremes. Last year he showed us an extreme in the form of Pocophone F1, which registered as the absolute cheapest smartphone with a powerful Snapdragon 845. The year 2019 began with another extreme in the form of ultra-cheap smartphone Redmi Go. Extra content about Xiaomi can be found…

[Updated on price] Redmi Go comes as a low-end smartphone with a clean Android and a 5 ″ display

Low-budget smartphones have not yet died out. They are kept alive mainly by the Xiaomi company, which presents the new Redmi Go. It is a very basic smartphone for undemanding users. It is based on the Android Go platform, which combines affordable pieces. Updated 31.1.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Today…




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