Oclean X is the first smart brush in the world with a display has a new stock price in the EU stock

Xiaomi and its partner brands have a relatively broad portfolio of intelligent toothbrushes. This group also includes the unique Oclean X model, which is the world's first toothbrush with a touch screen. The brush is already very well known and liked…

The bloated Oclean X Pro toothbrush has artificial intelligence and a new coupon in EU stock

We finally had it. A new and improved model of the Oclean X Pro toothbrush is on sale. It is offered by a well-known international retailer at a discount. New coupon The best smart brush from Xiaomi's production so far got into a great event on akcie

Oclean F1 is a new sonic electric toothbrush with high performance for very little money

Electric toothbrushes have been in Xiaomi's portfolio for a very long time. The well-known Oclean brand now comes with a completely new Oclean F1 model. It excels in low price and high performance at the level of up to 36 vibrations per minute. Low introductory price If you have…




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