Such a price has not been here before: Powerful Ninebot MAX G30 scooter with a range of 65 km for less than 500 €

Ninebot, a partner company of the Xiaomi brand, is a successful manufacturer of electric scooters. Now they come up with a novelty, which is so far their most powerful model ever. The new Ninebot Kickscooter MAX G30 e-scooter is just coming to European warehouses. 230 € cheaper than in SK stores…

Ninebot KickScooter T60 is an autonomous electric scooter that can recharge itself

In the past, Segway was known for producing various "balance approximators", such as hoverboards and the like. This brand was bought years ago by the then relatively unknown Chinese company Ninebot. In this merger, the new company began producing electric scooters called KickScooter. Partially…




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