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This is the 10 most powerful smartphones for the month of April 2020. The first places were occupied by one manufacturer

The world-famous benchmark app AnTuTu regularly brings a list of the TOP 10 most powerful smartphones for the past month. The month of April is no exception, and we bring you a list of the most powerful smartphones currently available on the market based on the AnTuTu ranking. Incredible results…

These three Xiaomi models lead the ranking of the most powerful, affordable smartphones for March 2020

As is customary with the AnTuT benchmark application, bringing a list of the TOP 10 smartphones in various industries every month, the month of March is no exception. The latest list brings together the TOP 10 most powerful smartphones in the middle class, in which Xiaomi did not disappoint again.

These are the 10 most powerful flagships for November + the 10 most powerful cheap smartphones

We have traditionally brought you a ranking of the ten most powerful Android devices for the past month, published by AnTuTu, the creator of a popular service for benchmark device testing. The results are not published by one test, it is an average of at least 1000 measured results from users. The first place has…

These are the most powerful Android smartphones according to AnTuT for the month of September. 5G smartphones dominate

AnTuTu is a regularly popular ranking of average benchmark test results, and this month you can also see a list of the most powerful Android smartphones currently available. This time the ranking is dominated by new 5G devices from one of the well-known Chinese manufacturers. The leader is 5G devices…




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