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Great price in CZ stock: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 with 4-core Core i5 and Nvidia graphics

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is already a well-known and very popular device among users. It is a laptop designed especially for work, but its dedicated graphics card from Nvidia can handle less demanding games. Great price in Czech stock Xiaomi Mi Notebook…

Xiaomi laptops will not be officially in Europe yet. The information comes from Spain

Xiaomi also offers laptops in its portfolio in several size categories and performance versions. However, according to current information from Spain, we will not officially see them in Europe yet. Xiaomi laptops for the time being in Europe will not be Spain's virtually flagship market…

Xiaomi comes with two new affordable laptops

The year was 2016, when the current Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi, came with his first laptop - Mi Notebook Air. However, it is still being developed and the manufacturer is coming to the market with its new version, which has the latest Intel processor and…




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