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The luxurious Xiaomi Liven hot air fryer prepares healthier food without oil. In EU stock now for 65 €

Healthy food is currently very popular again. Many people have started to avoid fried foods and are looking for a suitable alternative. This is exactly what the Liven G-5 hot air fryer offers, which prepares delicious, oil-free meals. This is a product from the Xiaomi Youpin portal, which…

Xiaomi Liven KZ-D5500 hot air fryer has a capacity of up to 5,5 l. After a few months again in the EU warehouse

Foods fried in oil are often the result of obesity and its problems. However, you can also prepare your favorite dishes in a healthier way, specifically in a hot air fryer. Meals prepared in this way do not contain unnecessary oil and are healthier. Xiaomi LIVEN KZ-D5500 is a powerful hot air fryer with a capacity of up to…




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