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Great news: Xiaomi will offer an update to up to 3 versions of Android and 4 years of security patches for the new Xiaomi 11T series

A big step for Xiaomi. It has officially announced that their upcoming Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro models will receive support for up to 3 new versions of Android and up to 4 years of security patches. 3 major updates to the Xiaomi system argues that…

EU stock coupon: Xiaomi Mi Box S with Android TV, support for 4K movies, Netflix and Chromecast

At last year's Google conference, which took place on October 9, in addition to the new Pixel smartphones, we also saw a product that we would definitely not expect at this conference. Xiaomi in cooperation with Google introduced the new Mi Box S. After a long time again…

This is a list of Xiaomi smartphones that should get an update on Android 12

Xiaomi, along with its sub-brands, is known for its really wide portfolio of smartphones. This Chinese giant covers more or less the entire price range from the cheapest ones to the premium ones for four-digit amounts. The vast majority of these facilities offer excellent value for money,…

Xiaomi has confirmed an update to Android 11 for these 9 smartphones from 2019

It's been some time since Google released the eleventh generation of the Android operating system. We have already written about the fact that you can download Android 11 to several devices now, but now we will look at other smartphones that it will bring…

Cheap smartphone Redmi 8A receives a worldwide update to Android 10

Xiaomi also does not forget about updates for models of its subsidiary Redmi. The very cheap Redmi 8A smartphone also has exemplary support. It has now received an update to Android 10, even worldwide for all of this smartphone's sales markets.

Android 10 should dramatically improve the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone

The photographic features of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone are undoubtedly excellent, as our review proved. However, we can no longer use the same statement for the overall performance of the smartphone, which has been considered a necessary compromise since the introduction of this model and has not met the expectations of all…

Quick settings in MIUI: A handy application will reveal the hidden features of your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi is also well known for its redesigned MIUI superstructure for its Android smartphones. It offers a really wide range of customizations, and is quite remote from the original Android system. Now comes the Play Store, a simple application that, as revealed by, will also offer…

Official video: This is MIUI 10

Xiaomi has released an official video on its YouTube channel that introduces fans to all the features of their latest MIUI 10 system. The video presents a global version of MIUI 10.




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