Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera with 6-axis stabilization is a much cheaper alternative for GoPro cameras

If you follow our articles more often, you know that we often bring exclusive coupons to our readers. Xiaomi Planet now brings you another, truly exclusive coupon for the Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera. This camera is declared a tough competitor for popular action…

Xiaomi has the cheapest 4K action camera you may not have known about. It is available in the EU warehouse

When something is cheapest, it does not automatically mean that it is bad or of lower quality. The Xiaomi Mijia SeaBird 4K action camera will also convince you of that. It currently belongs to the cheapest 4K action cameras from the Xiaomi brand. YOU MUST KNOW 11…

Another exclusivity from us: The legendary Xiaomi Yi action camera with 2K resolution has never cost so much

Among Xiaomi smartphones, laptops, washing machines, knives and other crazy gadgets, we can also find action cameras. These are produced by the subsidiary brand Yi, which already has several cameras on its account. It was the Xiaomi Yi action camera that began the joint journey of the two companies. MUST ...




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