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Black Friday: Soocas X3U toothbrush with fast charging and high performance receives a record price of only 25 €

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  1. Cvx writes:

    And now seriously since there is a better version of the old X3, why doesn't it have bluetooth ??? This is an improvement… I bought it because the old x3 went wrong, so upgrading to a newer / better one will be nice mainly due to charging, as it took 3/3 days on the old x4. And bum bac came home I'll plug in, I'll wash my teeth and connect to the app for nothing… I tried the old x3 evaporate reinstall the app change region just nothing and no smartphone or PC can find it via bluetooth. I'm reading forums and you don't really read anything except one mentioned because it doesn't have bluetooth 😅. I am writing directly on the soocas website and on the official support of xiaomi CZ. From soocas to this day no response (about 1 month) from CZ xiaomi wrote a brush and BT try to evaporate the old reinstall apky and change the region… so now I brush my teeth just like that 😂

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