Purchases from China in 2021: New Law and how much will the goods become more expensive?
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[Updated] Year 2021 and purchases from China: How will it work and will the goods really become more expensive?

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  1. Van der Vasky writes:

    this European collection.
    not that they would simplify the customs tariff to a maximum of two tariff rates, but they only have to make a new overpriced IT system to do so.
    and not that they would abolish the whole of VAT, where the same frauds are done and then pay how much billion the union has lost on this tax alone…

  2. Jerry19 writes:

    No € 3,6 fee, but after the new € 9 new service… The post office will represent you in the electronic customs procedure for € 9 and will delay the package at customs for 3 weeks… What was previously automatic in 3 days for € 3,6 is now with filling in another power of attorney takes 3 weeks and costs € 9 not € 3,6… https://www.posta.sk/subory/40279/2020_06_26_ts_slovenska-posta-ponuka-novu-sluzbu-pre-colne-konanie_final.pdf

  3. Rafael Szabo writes:

    Chinese manufacturers sell their products directly from production via the Internet. This does not appeal to retail chains, which lose their profits in this way. The new EU measures will force buyers to shop through the retail network. This is lobbying and not fair competition.

  4. Augustin writes:

    THE SPINSNESS OF THE BIGGEST GRAIN !!! Then let me give me a 2-year warranty on the product when I ask taxes, the poor go to fuck what I buy, if I carry weapons, drugs, white meat, don't mess with it …

  5. Radoslav writes:

    It is time to send that fucking EU to shit, even with the unelected bureaucratic filth that really rules. The whole crown of the theater costs something, so they have to choose it from people to have their demented lockdowns (this is only the first vanguard before the new taxes). I'm very sorry because I started buying more and more things from China. I also hope that the xiaomiplanet project will not be jeopardized because of this, let's keep our fingers crossed for each other.

  6. Tom Office Series writes:

    How will it be with packages, when, for example, I buy a 200e laptop via ebay in auction for 30e, for example?
    Or if someone from the US sends me some electronics as a gift?

    1. Editorial writes:

      For goods over € 22, nothing changes, the change occurs for goods up to € 22, which have so far been exempt from VAT and customs duties. More expensive goods will be sold as before. Gifts at customs are no longer passed, even if someone really sends it to you as a gift, you have to prove the real price of the goods in the package and pay VAT, or customs duties, if it applies to the goods.

  7. Beee writes:

    It is not true that electronics are duty free. On the contrary. The duty for electronics over 150 € is 11%

    1. Editorial writes:

      Electronics have been duty-free since 2015, when the EU adopted a new law. We couldn't find anything new to make a change. Do you have any resources for that? Maybe we're wrong.

  8. Theft writes:

    There is no "electronics" in the customs tariff. It's all divided into a million items. I don't want to look for it specifically, but for example LEDs are duty free, but LED lamps have a duty of 3,7% (LED strips are included elsewhere). The tariff is "100 years old" and instead of issuing a new one, it is only supplemented and no one knows about it anymore. Plus, certain duties can vary from day to day.

  9. Michal writes:

    I will deviate a bit from the topic, I can ask why you canceled the xiaomiplanet.sk Facebook page and no other discount coupons are added to other fan groups (except dealplanet, quinaplanet) as it used to be regularly?
    Well thank you.

    1. Editorial writes:

      We would definitely not disrupt our own Facebook page. 🙂 Unfortunately, Facebook canceled it for us and unfortunately it is gone forever. We don't even have access to our Xiaomi Friends group. That's why we share articles on other sites we have available. We have also created a new group, you can join https://www.facebook.com/groups/xiaomiplanet.

      Xiaomi has started deleting all sites that use the Xiaomi tag in the name without permission. It's an incomprehensible step from Xiaomi, because in our case, for example, we basically service them, inform them about their news, create a community around the brand, advise people with problems with their products… we have not seen such an approach with any other brand, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, they all have unofficial community sites and have been operating for many years, even on a global basis.

  10. Beee writes:


    No mention of any change in 2015. Status unchanged min. from 2009. Duty-free goods up to 150 €.

    1. Editorial writes:

      You can find several articles from 2015 that the duty on electronics has ended. https://dennik.hnonline.sk/ekonomika-a-firmy/572723-lacnejsie-telefony-i-notebooky-cinske-clo-konci. We have been buying from China for over 5 years and so far we have never paid customs duties on phones or other electronics.

  11. Beee writes:

    Now I looked at the history of communication with customs and in March 2017 I was normally charged customs duties and VAT on the phone.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Interestingly, we recently spilled an Amazfit X watch worth € 200, we paid 20% VAT and a fee of € 9 for the customs procedure. Nothing more.

  12. Kristina writes:

    Hello, please, how is it if the goods do not exceed 22 €, but the postage is 5 €? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes, the final amount with postage is also important. Everything over 22 € including postage is already subject to customs control.

  13. VOLT writes:

    If I order in one shipment X different goods / from the same store sent in one package / will I pay only 1 x 9 Euro for the package + VAT or for each item in the package separately?
    Otherwise, the mail will make a nice post office, it will also be for golden parachutes as in the past.

    What happens if I don't want to be represented by Slov. by mail? Will it be possible to avoid the 9 Euro fee by self-representation?

    Sometimes I received shipments within two weeks of ordering, but currently it is approaching three months, it seems to me that shipments cost a month somewhere in SK. So anyway, it's safe to shop only until the end of March 2021. Then only things that would go through the customs procedure anyway.
    And there is still the possibility to buy in EU warehouses, but only a limited assortment + it is hard to find. Large e-shops could create such a filter.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, if there are multiple items in one package, you will not pay separately for each item, but only once for the entire package. However, even when ordering several goods from one seller, it happens that the seller sends it in several packages, some sellers have warehouses in different cities and the goods may not be in the same warehouse.

  14. Ľuboslav writes:

    Hello, if I buy Chinese goods from a European warehouse, e.g. in the value of 1000 e, so it is written there that all fees are paid by the importer / is it already cleared, tax paid / I already get a shipment home without wafers, or how is it? Does anyone know please?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, there are no additional charges from the EU warehouse, the package must already be cleared through customs and delivery within the EU is no longer subject to customs procedures. What specifically are you interested in ordering? You can also write to us to chat on our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/dealplanet.sk

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