Roidmi Eva: A self-contained vacuum cleaner that washes and dries mops
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Still a perfect price of 499 €: Roidmi Eva is an almost self-sufficient vacuum cleaner, it washes and dries double mops, it also pours clean water

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Can this device be used without wifi and a smartphone? I want it for my retired mom. Can he just remove it from the charger, put it in the designated room and turn it on manually, like on older vacuum cleaners? Well thank you.


Hello, of course it is possible, but it loses smart functions. However, we recommend performing the initial setting properly via the app and smartphone, then it can be used even without a mobile phone.


These are Smart technologies tied to smartphones. If you don't want them, you can also clean them with a broom or a classic vacuum cleaner 😉

Dušan Kuplen

On the website, the price is 599 euros, but if you click on the link, the price is 699 euros.


Hello, you need to use the coupon code in the shopping cart. Actual price is 639 EUR

Ondrej Strečko

Unfortunately, it is not a self-sufficient vacuum cleaner, not nearly, not at all. For the price, a big disappointment and shortcomings that cannot be tolerated in this price category.
1. Water leaks out of the docking station onto the floor, my kitchen unit swelled (several users complained about it in the FB group Roidmi EVA users), it is a manufacturing defect of the newer version 2023. It was partly solved by a new firmware update, so that when spraying water, it sucks it right away (the container with water empties very quickly), this is not a solution to the problem, rather just covering the eyes,
2. This sorry moron robot cannot return to the docking station on its own without my help, because its wheels slip on the inclined boarding surface (the manufacturer could have rubberized this part of the boarding surface, or extended it, for example, as Roborock S7, S8 has. So already the smart function of the robot and its independence disappear.
3. Because of the mop, the robot cannot "climb" onto a carpet that is ONLY 1,6 cm high, while the manufacturer says that it can overcome a height of 2 cm. Sometimes it happens that he climbs on the hanger stand and can't get out of there anymore and displays an error.
I hate the robot and return it to the seller (geekbuying), a big disappointment for the price.


Good evening, the automatic discount of €15 does not work for me. I clicked on your link, applied the coupon, filled in the card payment details and I don't see a change in the price regarding the automatic discount. The only discount was a coupon. Could it be that I am doing something wrong?


Good evening, unfortunately the automatic discounts have ended. Even the big BF coupons end in 2 days.


Please have a new current coupon, thank you


We have already updated the article about the new coupon.


Have a nice day,
The coupon is still active. I am interested in the product, but I want to ask if there is a bigger discount available, or if you have an opinion, if there will be another option available at a better price after the coupon expires, or don't delay and order now.
Thanks in advance for the advice.


Hello, unfortunately you missed the better prices, the best prices were during November. There will certainly not be lower prices now. The next sales will probably be in March next year.


Thank you for the info.
I wanted to order, the coupon is valid, I am trying to pay for the order, but every time the payment fails. I tried three different debit cards, the set limit is sufficient for payment, I have funds, but it just won't let me go any further. I called the bank, they don't even register a payment attempt. Can you please check if geekbuying has any problems??? thank you in advance


Hello, we recommend paying via PayPal.