Roborock S8: Flagship among vacuum cleaners on sale [COUPONS]
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24 accessories as a gift, new coupon after 3 months: Top Roborock S8 with vibrating mopping and 3D camera

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When will import sales on svk for this new s8 ultra be available?


We have no info yet. Geekbuying will soon start selling the S8 model, we don't know if the Ultra will also be available.


Waiting for version + Hopefully soon

Josef Nováček

Hello, the link to purchase on Geekbuying is not working, will it still be available please?


Hello, will it be possible to buy a docking station for the ultra in the future to the basic S8 model or will these two things not be compatible or will the docking station not be available separately?
Thank you.


Hello, we do not have such information yet, but we will try to find out with the seller.


In Kaufland for 599,-


It is not in Kaufland in the true sense of the word, Kaufland only works as a marketplace, similar to Aliexpress, and they have Chinese sellers there who operate under German companies. They do not pay Slovak VAT and thus bypass the system. It is questionable how the complaint is then handled, in the case of Geekbuying there is a 2-year warranty for Roborock and the service center in Europe. Feel free to buy through the Kaufland marketplace, it's a bit of a risk in our opinion 🙂


Hello, I would like to ask you for an up-to-date code, the ones you mentioned are no longer functional. Thank you very much


Hello, unfortunately, all coupons for the Roborock S8 have already been turned off, it can currently be purchased without a coupon at a promotional price of 549 € - 14 € automatic discount when paying via PayPal or card.


Good day. I tried to buy through the DH app, but the price is 462. Where am I making a mistake? In the application there is a store coupon of €66 + you only €10?


Hello, have you entered this coupon in the box? DHGATEFEB40 if so, click on the part like DH Coupon and apparently you have to select it manually, you were automatically given some $10 coupon, just click on our $40 coupon there and it should work 🙂


Good day, can you give me information about the warranty at the DHgate seller, or your experience? Due to the fact that the product is available in SK for 478 EUR, it is not a very good purchase without any warranty. Well thank you


Hello, the warranty is valid for 2 years, Roborock has a service directly in Europe, so there will be no problem with the repair. In addition, Roborock vacuum cleaners are decent holders, their error rate is minimal.


It shows so much to me € not KČ


The price is in euros, of course.