[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic at a low price will be very surprising

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  1. hemendex writes:

    I quote: "By touching these areas, it is possible to pause and resume playing music, but also to skip a song, pick up a call or activate an intelligent assistant."
    I may not have discovered it yet, but how does a song skip to skip a song? I know to pause, I have already started the assistant, but nowhere (and I also used google) I did not find a way to skip the song other than by mobile, respectively. int. watches…
    And I probably have really weird ears, but even if the earplugs don't fall out of my ear, their sound is good, only when I press them with my fingers, otherwise they sound "pulled out" 🙂
    But the workmanship, materials and quality are really great…

  2. slavo52 writes:

    We apologize for the error in the review. You cannot skip songs with the touch gesture on these headphones. You can only skip tracks using your smartphone or paired watch. We fixed the error.

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