IMILAB EC2 Review: Detailed test of a wireless outdoor camera

[REVIEW] The IMILAB EC2 wireless camera offers an interesting solution, but it is not perfect

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  1. Lubo writes:

    Good day,
    I wonder how you connected the camera to the Internet in the garden. Do you need to have any WiFi in the garden with a connection? Or can a SIM data card be inserted in the camera / gateway?
    What is a good gateway for? Doesn't it work without it? Can't connect camera directly to WiFi?
    well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes you need a WiFi connection, we have it in the cottage. The SIM card cannot be inserted into the gateway and the camera without the gateway does not work, as it is fully wireless and the main unit is the gateway. For this reason too, a gateway is connected to the application and not a camera directly.

  2. Joan G writes:

    I bought two of these Camera.

    The quality is good but the only problem is that the time intervals between recordings is one (1) minute which is far TOO long and the recording clips are only 30 SECONDS which is far too short.

    I have one at my front door and it takes approx 10 seconds from gate to my door but an intruder can be invisible and at my door partially blocked by the time the camera activates.

    I understand this might be a trade off between battery savings but I bought the cameras for security of my property and this could be addressed by a firmware update as this aspect fails my needs in this respect.

  3. Jura writes:

    Human detection in Xiaomi cameras is very poor thing. It can't be used for surveillance.

  4. sas writes:

    a long delay in notification.
    good battery live.
    the long delay in notification is annoying, not recommended.

  5. Imilab EC2 can't zoom writes:

    Another issue I find is that the camera cannot zoom. Since I already have a home security camera that can zoom this is quite a disappointing issue.

  6. Equipment Xiaomi cam writes:

    Hello, I have the monitoring with 4 cameras, and I have a problem. All cameras are well-equipped, but when they are on my Home App, the gateway and the gateway show this sea just before the first camera. How can you be ?? How do you get to the window where all the cameras are? Info: landing system is available in China and language in German, it is a multidisciplinary,? For a rat, I can thank you very much

  7. Lukáš writes:

    Hello, please, I'm looking for a camera to be placed in the alarm clock bay. According to the description, this would not be appropriate for NATO. Can you advise me another one. Well thank you.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, what exactly do you need there? What are the conditions there?

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