Redmi Turbo 3 officially introduced. It will be in Europe like POCO F6?

The new mid-range smartphone killer, Redmi Turbo 3, officially introduced in China. In Europe as POCO F6

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Hello, where can I pre-order a mobile phone? Thank you


Hello, nowhere yet, so far it has only been introduced in China under the brand Redmi. According to information from the databases, this is to be rebranded POCO F6 for Europe.

Peter Pan

but as a killer.. nothing much, especially the cameras.. the weakness of the lowend sirokac, they could do with something else than the shitty 8mpix data, disgusting.. and the main camera that is there is exactly the one I had about 5 years ago with the xiaomi MI9, so nothing worldly, what would break ..but we're still here redmi class, what to expect, more or less middle to upper middle class max, so they had to cut..

Gaucho Milan

For the money, it's definitely cool....


Cameras and flashlight weakness. –