Redmi Note 10 is the second best smartphone in the endurance - Xiaomi Planet

DxOMark is already testing battery life: the Redmi Note 10 is ranked as the second best smartphone in the rankings!

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  1. hemendex writes:

    I agree with that stamina, before I had Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 7, they were on the verge of discharge for dinner, with Redmi Note 10 I am currently at 54%, while I removed it from the charger yesterday morning. So it lasts about 2 times longer than the mentioned phones, of course, in normal use, I do not play games and most of the time I'm just on the net, respectively. Spotify (I have my AOD turned off)… Overall, I'm happy with this phone, I'm still waiting for the MIUI 12.5, as all other phones have already received it 🙂

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