POCO X3 NFC: 120 Hz display, Snapdragon 732G and 64 MPx camera
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POCO X3 NFC with 120 Hz display and 5160 mAh battery in 128 GB version in EU stock for coupon price

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  1. Robert writes:

    Codes do not work.

    1. Editorial writes:

      The coupons work from 9:00 today.

  2. Peter writes:

    Does not work

    1. Editorial writes:

      The coupons work from 9:00 today.

  3. Peter writes:

    Wasn't yesterday the price of 183 today 199?

    1. Editorial writes:

      New prices are already in force. They were higher yesterday.

  4. Peter writes:

    So they are gone 😟

  5. Jarko writes:

    I don't understand the stated prices? When buying from a Spanish warehouse, I'm at some 219 EUR (the discount will only give the 5EUR coupon for shipping). Where is the 190 EUR available?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Don't have dollars set? It still works for us for 190 €.

  6. Jan writes:

    I can't pay for the order from the Spain warehouse, is it possible that the sale hasn't started yet? I placed an order, and it requires payment, but it can't pass. Well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      If you do not receive a payment, it may be the limit set on the card. It is necessary to check the limit for card payments via the Internet, some banks also have it in the banking application.

  7. Jan writes:

    I really have a limit ok, did someone order an order? Well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yes, orders work normally, over 50 orders from our website passed yesterday.

  8. Jan writes:

    Thank you, it's ok.

  9. Track writes:

    How long does it take to get the phone to the address since I received the email where the order was sent?

    1. Editorial writes:

      If you ordered from an EU warehouse, it should take 3-5 jobs. days. If from China via Banggood and transport EU Priority Line, then about 15-20 days.

  10. Bukharan writes:

    POCO X3 NFC HAS A PROBLEM with fw (Vodafone network). Unable to access settings - SIM card and mobile network. When clicked, it jumps to the home screen. Therefore neither VoLTE nor VoWiFi / WLAN calling can be set. USSD CODES also does not take
    * # * # * # * # 86583
    VoWiFi / WLAN calling:
    * # * # * # * # 869434
    On the Ulefone Armor 3T, it works as it should (VoLTE and VoWiFi) with the same SIM card.
    The phone also has a problem with SIM registration 🙁 9. The description here is nice ( https://xm.cz/blog/co-muzete-zkusit-kdyz-telefon-hlasi-ze-nelze-aktivovat-sim-kartu/ )… Hat down before the one who wrote it, but someone at Xiaomi should not think about whether it is good to bother the user like this. 12. I don't understand why, the problem with registrations drags on with other Xiaomi phones dragging on for so long. Unfortunately, I found out when I bought it. Otherwise, with no mobile phone I've ever had, the user had to make such a bike with a mobile phone. My mobile phone is max. volume is a lot of misunderstanding the other side. 3. Settings> SIM cards and mobile networks - not available in the menu (after clicking it jumps directly to the Home screen). In short, I'm not happy - I'm angry, but that may change by fixing FW…. but when will it be?!? 5. Who would expect new customers to have to wait for an update after purchase, which one knows when to come. At the moment, it's basically a tablet and not a phone.

    At this point, I'll put it off and try after a month to see if the situation changes. I don't have time to play and correspond with tech. support (in addition, I don't know much AJ). I bought the phone not to play with it, but to use it for work. Don't get mad, but Xiaomi is a huge disappointment for me and I will definitely not recommend this brand to anyone, at least until the essentials are removed.

  11. Mike writes:

    I assume that I am entitled to a 2-year warranty when ordering from an EU warehouse. Where and how can I apply it if necessary? In Slovakia, we have an official xiaomi store, which states on the website that the warranty only applies to products purchased from them. Which strikes me as a little weird. For example, I will buy a new Toyota in Spain and in the event of a breakdown, I do not have to deal with a complaint there, but at an authorized service center in SK.

    Would you be able to answer this for me?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the warranty is valid for 1 year even when purchased through the EU warehouse. Xiaomi does not yet have an international warranty and the Slovak representation refuses to service phones purchased outside their distribution. In case of failure, you can have the phone repaired at another service in Slovakia and the seller will reimburse you for the repair. We can help you with everything.

  12. ollivio writes:

    Article apparently renewed 2.11, but codes on EDwaybuy 5.11. do not work 🙁

    1. Editorial writes:

      Coupons work, but you can't switch from an Edwaybuy site in Germany to another, such as an English one. You need to shop exactly as our links redirect you, otherwise the coupons will not work. We link to the German site also due to payment in EUR, via ang. version can only be paid in USD and it is not so advantageous.

  13. Tomas writes:

    Hi. I can confirm that the codes work. Ordered 4.11. and I hope it comes 🙂

  14. Miroslav writes:

    Good day,
    please, is the SK language also supported?
    well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes, of course, this is a phone designed for the whole of Europe.

  15. Thomas writes:

    Is the 64GB version from Gearbest without a 33W charger?

    1. Editorial writes:

      The packaging of the phone does not change and each seller sells it in the same version.

  16. Varga writes:

    The camera is NOT really 64 megapixels, it only has 16…

  17. Ondrej writes:

    Ordered 7.2.2021 6/128 price 175eur.

  18. Rado writes:

    It must be paid in advance by bank transfer, or it also participates in cash on delivery

    1. Editorial writes:

      Payment only in advance by card.

  19. Michal writes:

    Does the phone record a call from production as a note from xiaomi?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Even Xiaomi phones no longer have call recording.

  20. martin writes:

    so 174 € coupon for gshopper no longer works, or there are no more phones.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, our coupons and offers from Gshopper only work for Slovak addresses.

  21. Crazy writes:

    Sveiki, noriu isigyti Xiaomi poco x3 nfc, ar turit?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we are sorry, the POCO X3 NFC is sold out. You can buy POCO X3 Pro now which has a more powerful processor. https://xiaomiplanet.sk/poco-x3-pro-oficialne-38/

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