Record price of only €35 in the EU warehouse! Oclean XS is a top toothbrush with up to 80 vibrations per minute - Xiaomi Planet

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Record price of only €35 in the EU warehouse! Oclean XS is a high-end toothbrush with up to 80 vibrations per minute

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Do the discounts work for anyone?


Ali's discounts ended on 27.3. unfortunately, you didn't make it. We will gradually update all the articles, but it's a lot of work.


Good day,

how about replacement heads? Where can they be bought? Does it fit something that can be bought in SK? Thank you


Hi. The links are broken, it says
"404: Content not available
We're sorry, but the content you're looking for has either been deleted or doesn't exist”

Could you please update?


Hello, here is a direct link to the product:


Updated the article today and I tried it right away and it doesn't work. If I apply it in the order as written, I get an error with the second coupon:
"Sorry, these coupon codes have already been claimed. However, you can still enjoy other great deals on AliExpress."
Final price: €45.63

Otherwise, how exactly do I get to the price of 38.55?


Unfortunately not anymore, the coupons worked an hour after we posted the article that they were renewed. They probably won't renew them anymore.


So I finally managed to buy it :D. I kept clicking on the button to apply the coupon for about 5 minutes, then it took me to the next step (enter the payment card data) and again I got the same error, but the coupon was already applied. Then I clicked on "Pay Now" repeatedly for 5 minutes (it kept falling on that error) and it went through. Evidently, free slots are gradually released there, but they also run out quickly.

Final price Total:€ 38.56.

Thank you.


Well then, parade 🙂 Maybe there are still some remaining coupons released from orders that fail or people cancel.


It worked that way for me too. I had to enter the second coupon first and click around both to use the coupon and to pay.

The resulting price was 39,08


Good evening, please, what is the difference between x10 and xs?
I need to buy two different colors - I already have the blue one at home, I was expecting the gray ones to be in stock as well. It seems to me that they are the same, only Slovak sellers sell it under the name x10?
well thank you


Hello, yes exactly, the brushes are the same, just in SK it is the X10 model and much more expensive than the XS on Aliexpress.


But I look at Alza, for example, and they say that it has 10 movements for the X40.000, and then 80.000 movements in the text, how many please? Because XS has 80.000 written movements. Well thank you


According to the manufacturer's website, it is 80.