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Xiaomi Fixnow high pressure battery cleaner for cars goes on sale at a famous price

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  1. Milos writes:

    Performance is a physical unit and has its own units. Writing at a capacity of 3000ml / minute is a pure marketing favorite, with no WAP no seller states the flow rate in ml / minute, but of course in the xiaomi store we give milliliters per minute because the number 3000 sounds interesting to the customer…. ???? !!!!!
    This flashlight spray gun is really just a spray gun, the maximum pressure of 2,4 bar is completely funny, you won't even wash the dried water from the pool.

  2. Vojtech writes:

    2,5 MPa? How serious?
    In the apartment I have a water pressure in the water supply of 3,4 MPa and for the parents in the house the pressure in the pit at the hours is 7,1 to 7,8 MPa.
    I can wash it straight with a hose

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