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Xiaomi Mijia smart clock has an E-ink display, it measures temperature and humidity. They are super-cheap

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  1. TommyChase writes:

    The link does not work. The watch wasn't introduced last week, but maybe 2 months ago. And they have a problem with setting the time - according to reviews, they determine the time according to the server in Mi Home. So if it's a Chinese server, then time is Chinese. I don't know if they already fixed it ..

  2. Peter writes:

    I have these clocks, and when I switch to winter time, I find that I can't reset them. For the first time there was a so-called time update via mobile phone, but now this function is no longer available, allegedly only in the pro version of the application, which is for a fee

  3. good writes:

    I have this watch and the time has been updated seamlessly when I open the app. I didn't need one for the version.

  4. Juraj writes:

    Does anyone know how to reset my watch if I want to connect it to another home environment?

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