Xiaomi with the Miiow brand sells quality shorts with graphene
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Quality Xiaomi Miiow thongs from Aliexpress have sale prices and fast 15-day delivery

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Once shit and it's after the graphene…

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Error linking to smart app. Xiaomi after all should have daco smart. For example, an informative text message when you click on the gate


you write that you bought 4 pieces of cotton, but there are only 3 pieces of cotton for sale, and the second thing, can you tell me what size you bought and measure the width


The model we bought is unfortunately no longer sold, but the shorts are the same. We have the size chart right in the article, you need to take a closer look. The seller also has them directly in the product description.


You have chosen the cotton version, but the separate briefs are made of 78% nylon and 22% elastane. So how is it? But the best are the 91.3% bacteria. You know how to entertain..


Unfortunately, the cotton ones that we ordered are no longer sold, we changed the variants of the panties to other ones in the price boxes. The composition of 78% nylon and 22% elastane applies to the graphene shorts.