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The most powerful Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 will cover 2 football pitches with a signal and will become cheaper in the EU stock at a record 112 €

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  1. Miroslav writes:

    This router also has a USB connection and if so what type because I was looking but I didn't find anything. Because the parameters are great, but if the USB does not have a connection to the HDD, it is managed as a NAS, so it's a big minus, so the bit is probably not even a bit. Torrent client is missing

  2. good writes:

    Good day. What kind of router is this? Chinese alevo global? Mi wifi will be in English? Mi Home needs to be switched to China? If I have global versions of products - the Mi Mi foreign application is not in the China region, will this router know if the Chinese version works with international versions of IoT products? The plug is EU or USA, GB - is the EU terminal also supplied? A little more questions, but you do not write such necessary information at all. Well thank you.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Chinese version of the router, the router has its own Mi WiFi application, it does not connect to Mi Home. The app is in English.

  3. Jan writes:

    Good day.

    I want to wonder how do I get to the EN language in the app? I bought it through your coupon from the CZ warehouse and I received a US adapter, I had to solve the reduction and the app is only Chinese and I did not find a change of language anywhere.

    Thank you for your response.

  4. Matthew writes:

    Chinese version, I have it. Apka is in English and the router also displays my Home applications but there in Chinese.

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