IMILAB EC3 is an available outdoor camera packed with functions

Xiaomi Deals still with the TOP Slovak price! IMILAB EC3 security camera, 32 GB microSD card for free

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Is there any way to convert the Chinese version to the EU version?
thank you

Non-existent features!

Why do they advertise it as having key area surveillance ("key area care")??? It doesn't! The EU version at least.

Also, the notifications are received with delay. And the alarm is useless. You can only activate it manually and is on for 10 seconds. What's the point ??

It useless for me because there's no key area selectable + alarm on human detection. Seriously, it fails at the main selling points !!! This is called false advertising!


I wanted to ask in the description it says that it connects to the server and if I bought it in a chat where there is no internet connection, it must always connect to the server first or it works without a server, ie I put a camera in the network and insert a memory card and nothing more or if you don't know how to recommend it to me


The camera will record video to the card even without the Internet, you will not be able to access it remotely via a smartphone, as it will not be connected to the Internet.


Please help - I have an IMILAB EC3 camera - I connected the camera via the MI HOME application - there is no code for this camera in the app, it does not catch where I can find the QR code for the camera? Well thank you.


Hello, what country do you have set in Mi Home?

Jan Pícha

Hello, I have the same problem - I have Mainland China set. If I give Czech, I will have problems with the rest of the characters again. When I scan the code from the camera with the Mainland China setting, I get the message "The device is not supported".

There is a good solution for this - the use of the so-called Cloned application (it is directly a part of Xiaomi mobile phones or use other alternative solutions, e.g. Iceland, etc.).


Hello, is it possible to power the camera via PoE?


No, just a classic adapter.


This camera also supports POE


Good day,

I would like to ask how does the coupon and delivery from the EU warehouse work after 1.7.? After adding the product to the cart, VAT was added to the price. Well thank you.


Hello, apart from paying VAT on Aliexpress from an EU warehouse, nothing has changed at all. The goods still arrive within 7 days and no longer pass through customs, as delivery takes place within the EU.


Badge codes don't work, can you verify their validity? Well thank you


Hello, we will try to process new coupons with our contacts. Sign up for price tracking and we'll send you an email as soon as we have new codes. 🙂


Hello, is there a way to monitor the imilab ec3 camera with a smartphone using a mobile internet?


Hello, yes of course, this camera also works remotely and you can access it through mobile data on your phone. Camera needs to be connected to WiFi with internet access.


Coupon “IMIEC312” does not work 🙁
Is there anything new?


We do not currently have a new coupon, please log in to monitor the price and as soon as we have the coupon, we will automatically send you an email.


The coupon doesn't work, pity.


Does the POE work passively or actively?


Hello, I have a "new" IMIlab EC3 camera, and the original power supply is too short for me (3m). I need to buy an extension cord. I can't find the connection specification anywhere, do the connectors go 5.5×2.1 or 5.5×2.5? Thanks for your help


Hello, our contact from IMILAB confirmed this information: 5.5*2.1mm