Himo C26 MAX: Top mountain electric bike [COUPONS]
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The latest coupon in the CZ warehouse: Himo C26 MAX electric mountain bike with a range of 100 km

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for those dusts as a bike to the city usable, only the hydraulic springs interested me, certainly there is a cheap spring fork no hydraulics, so mech wheel for a heavy bike also not much but the price again .. and it's easy to upgrade


Yes, it's always fair to look at the price/quality ratio. I like the purely electric mode.. I switched from the Z20 to the Z26, I'm not banning it.


The Himo C26 electric bike will be available for sale in Slovakia and how it can be bought. It can already be ordered through the Xiaomi portal and if so, what is the delivery time. There are also color modifications of the bike and if so what.


Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to order at the moment. As soon as it becomes available, we will definitely let you know about a new article.