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The 4K drone FIMI X8 SE in the new 2020 version has a range of up to 8 km. You buy it at a new coupon price

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  1. Lubomir writes:

    Does xiaomi offer anything comparable to the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom?

  2. Peter writes:

    I have already ordered the drone (on the recommendation of your site with a discount coupon) for more than a month, and there is no mention of shipping.

  3. Peter writes:

    At the time of ordering, shipping was scheduled for May 15.5.2020, 10, and after ordering and payment, it is July XNUMXth. Thank you very much….

  4. Peter writes:

    I just note that the drone was still not even sent. This was probably my last purchase on BG.

  5. Peter writes:

    Does not buy !!! I have been waiting for more than two months and they are still arguing: in a month do, in two weeks,., Next week…, tomorrow,… and around again. Once is the reason for the corona problem, once is the logistical problem, once is the customs officers…. IT'S A GENERAL PROBLEM, NOT JUST. But you will not know the truth and you only have to wait or cancel the order.

  6. Miroslav writes:

    I ordered the drone, I waited 2 and a half months outside of this order, I ordered for more than 50 euros components for the drone that have already arrived, I even paid for the translation of the manual. So I'm missing only the drone. 2 weeks sent to me after five weeks they sent an e-mail that the drone is not in stock and I have the choice to return the money in exchange for another product or wait I chose the link that I will wait. offer.

  7. Miroslav writes:

    Seriously where and how I would get to the drone and I don't even insist on your discount anymore.

    1. Editorial writes:

      They allegedly have it in stock here, shipping within 72 hours. https://fas.st/DvsW3F

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