Dreame D9: Robotic vacuum cleaner with an output of up to 3000 pa in the EU warehouse
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Dreame D9 in EU stock for a record € 234 in EU stock: Suction power up to 3000 pa, also stores a 3-storey map

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  1. Dreame D9 user writes:

    Dreame D9 Multimaps function is not working at 16/01/2021 and no official info when this function will work. May be never. Some people sending robot back to sellers because of misinformation.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Multimaps will work in new OTA update, but now we dont have any info about the date of the update.

  2. D9 and still no Multimaping writes:

    Multimaps still not working and March 2021 ending soon! Seems this Update will never come… ..

  3. Riso B writes:

    Dreame D9 is a perfect vacuum cleaner, we have it for 2 months and we are extremely satisfied. So far, saving 3map does not work, but over time the app will come.

  4. Marian writes:

    Saving 3 maps already works. An update has taken place.

  5. Marko writes:

    Good day. Please, how can you briefly describe how to get to 3 floors? I have the latest firmware installed, but after the option to save more floors, not to mention…

  6. Marian writes:

    After opening Map management, the "multi floor map" option appeared. After checking it, it is possible to save maps of 3 floors

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