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Cameras in Xiaomi smartphones will be even better in 2019. Lei Jun revealed the plans

It's been a year since Xiaomi set up an independent division to develop cameras for its own smartphones.

Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with a bend on all 4 sides. This is what he could look like

We can definitely consider Xiaomi to be innovative. Shortly after the demonstration of their folding smartphone,

Discussion: What was your first Xiaomi smartphone?

It was written in August 2011, when Xiaomi introduced its very first smartphone. Xiaomi Mi 1 bol…

Surprise: Redmi to introduce the flagship with Snapdragon 855

Xiaomi Redmi smartphones are very familiar to all fans of this company. Low prices and excellent…

The Xiaomi Mi Max 4 and Mi Max 4 Pro will be 7,2-inch giants. Leaked detailed specifications and prices

Xiaomi Mi Max series smartphones are aimed at people who require an extra large display, but do not want…

Xiaomi has once again confirmed its title as the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Samsung and Apple were down

The popularity of the Xiaomi brand is constantly growing. A purely Internet company is gradually becoming a global technology giant…

[Updated on price] Redmi Go comes as a low-end smartphone with a clean Android and a 5 ″ display

Low-budget smartphones have not yet died out. They are kept alive mainly by Xiaomi, which introduces the new Redmi

Xiaomi made face unlocking available for the Czech Republic. Slovakia is still waiting

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 was the very first smartphone from Xiaomi to come with unlock support…

The first update for Redmi Note 7 brings Super Night mode. The Mi 8 SE will also get it

Super Night Mode first appeared on the flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. Since then,…

Redmi Note 7 is on sale. It sold out in less than 11 minutes

Despite the fact that this month the Redmi Note 7 was introduced in China's home in a fast

Xiaomi surprised the technology world: It published a smartphone video with a dual flexible display

We have already heard about smartphones with a flexible display. Samsung also works on one such…

Coupon share for 4 perfectly equipped Xiaomi smartphones from European warehouses

The year 2019 is in full swing and many are trying to fulfill their commitments. If you are…




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