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Latest articles on Xiaomi Smart TV devices.

Renewed coupon: European version of Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector Mini in EU stock for a great 309 €

As a technology giant, Xiaomi is involved in a very wide range of electronics. It also tries to break through…

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick as the best living room gadget is again available in the EU stock with a super coupon

After Xiaomi Mi TV Stick received its certification for the European market, we can now…

Proper coupon in CZ stock: Massive Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 65 ″ with 4K resolution and Netflix

Xiaomi smart TVs are very popular due to their great price-performance ratio. First was for…

Redmi MAX 86 ″ is a new massive smart TV with 4K resolution and 120 Hz frequency

In addition to the Redmi K40 smartphone series, the new generation of RedmiBook Pro notebooks and other innovations, we…

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 ″ with Netflix and Chromecast support in the Czech warehouse with a new coupon

Xiaomi is also active in the smart TV market. This time we bring you an affordable model of Xiaomi smart TV…

Redmi will introduce a new generation of the massive Redmi TV MAX. It will be more than 100 inches

Redmi, as a subsidiary of Chinese Xiaomi, is already preparing a new generation of its massive television…

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75 ″ is so far the best smart TV from Xiaomi for Europe: QLED 4K, 120 Hz and price 1299 €

Xiaomi also introduced a new 75 ″ QLED Smart TV called Xiaomi… for the global market

New price in EU stock: Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 ″ with 4K HDR, Netflix, Google services or DVB S2 tuner

After several years of begging fans, Xiaomi has started selling its smart TVs in Europe as well.

Xiaomi will present a 75 ″ QLED smart TV and Mercedes AMG version of the Mi Scooter Pro 2 for Europe.

As you know, an event will be held on Monday, February 8, at which Chinese Xiaomi…

After a long time again in the EU stock: Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 ″ with 4K resolution, support for Netflix and Chromecast

Many Xiaomi fans were waiting for this. After several years of waiting, we finally in…

Xiaomi Mi QLED TV 4K 55 officially introduced. It comes with a 4K QLED screen and a premium design

Xiaomi officially unveils its flagship Smart TV model, Xiaomi Mi QLED TV…

Xiaomi is preparing interesting topics for her smart TVs with the MIUI TV system

Xiaomi smart TVs are very popular in both domestic and global markets. I am




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