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This multifunctional gadget from Nextool has up to 10 tools, including a SIM removal needle. It costs only 12 €

The Nextool brand, which produces various practical gadgets for everyday life, is already on our…

The latest March coupon: Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 sneakers with a beautiful sporty design for 40 €

The tenth year of the Mi Fan Festival began with the presentation of many products. Many of the things presented have been since…

Xiaomi Enchen hair clipper will make you a hairdresser in the comfort of your own home. Now cheaper at € 17

Due to the management of the Covid-19 virus, many of us remained stuck in quarantine at home. What's worse,…

Xiaomi and the Freetie brand have great insoles with memory foam and sweat wicking. You buy them for 4 €

The Freetie brand is engaged in the production of shoes, but in their portfolio you will also find, for example, quality…

Xiaomi 90Fun heated jacket with active heating up to 50 ° C receives a new coupon

We are used to crazy products from Xiaomi. This group shall decide tejto

This is the key: Xiaomi has started selling smart sneakers with active heating and Mi Home support

Do you also like sports in the winter, such as running outdoors? In that case, it shall decide…

The Xiaomi Urevo U1 treadmill has a display, compact dimensions and a new coupon in European stock

In today's modern world, you can train at home and you don't even need a lot of space. '

The Xiaomi Yunmai smart skipping rope measures the number of turns, has an application and has dropped to a record € 14 in EU stock!

Many of us thought that the skipping rope could not be very intelligent, and yet. Xiaomi again…

Xiaomi FO winter gloves will provide you with warmth and you can also control your smartphone in them. It costs a ridiculous 6 €

Xiaomi is known for its rich range of products. In addition to electronics, they also deal with, for example, clothing and…

This waterproof stylish Xiaomi backpack has a volume of 23 L and is also suitable for a 15 ″ laptop. You buy it for a great price

Xiaomi is currently offering one of the other handy backpacks suitable for… through the Banggood online store.

Xiaomi Jeeback G2 smart massage device will relieve your neck pain. In black, it last cost € 50, now only € 26!

If you suffer from neck pain or just like to relax and don't have time to go for a massage,…

Xiaomi with the Extrek brand is water-resistant trekking boots suitable for hiking. They have a fantastic price

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi in cooperation with the Extrek brand introduces new trekking boots suitable for…




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