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Noise canceling Redmi Buds 3 Lite headphones receive a record price below € 16

Are you looking for cheap "true-wireless" headphones for travel or the office? In addition to the new mi subsidiary Redmi, we

TheONE AIR is an intelligent piano from the Xiaomi ecosystem. It has the latest coupon in the CZ warehouse

Through its TheONE brand, Xiaomi brings us a smart piano that is packed with smart technologies.

Amazfit PowerBuds sports headphones with heart rate measurement in Polish warehouse receive a great price of 38 €

We definitely don't have to introduce the Amazfit brand anymore. They are among the world's largest manufacturers of wearable technology, including smart…

Global version of Redmi Buds 3 Pro headphones at a great price of € 47,90 directly from the European warehouse

Redmi has launched another of its models of wireless headphones on the global market. This is a model Redmi…

The 1More E1026BT headphones offer one of the best value for money. In the EU, the warehouse costs only € 46

Xiaomi has been cooperating with the 1more brand for a long time and in their production we can find, for example, wireless…

Xiaomi patented mechanical smartphone speaker that can revolutionize the world of mobile audio

Do you like a quality mobile audio experience? Chinese brand Xiaomi has recently patented a new and revolutionary…

Xiaomi 1MORE Triple Driver sports headphones have Hi-Res LDAC technology and a record price of € 33

Music is an everyday part of our lives. Especially in sports, it is an important engine for many, which…

New coupon in CZ stock: Redmi TV Soundbar with 30 W and Bluetooth 5.0 for 40 €

After several unverified or leaked information, Redmi TV Soundbar from… saw the official light of day.

The Punos PS-28 Pro is the most powerful 350W karaoke sound system from Xiaomi Youpin. He received a record price in the CZ warehouse

The Punos PS-28 Pro is the best you can buy from this manufacturer. It's about…

Punos PS-26 Pro 250 W speaker from Xiaomi Youpin normally costs 250 €, but now it is cheaper at a record 188 €!

Punos PS-26 Pro is a quality karaoke speaker that must not be missed at any party. Combines in…

Favorite Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar in CZ stock for a record 52 €! It contains up to 8 speakers

Xiaomi's commitment to television is long-standing. In addition to smart TV, it also produces accessories,…

Elegant black Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar with 8 speakers now in CZ stock for even less than € 62

After the first reports that the Chinese manufacturer introduced the black Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar,…




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