Xiaomi Qualitell ZS1001 Pro is a beautiful Bluetooth speaker with 15 W wireless charging. We have a coupon

Xiaomi has supported a pair of high-quality Bluetooth speakers from Qualitell through its Youpin platform. Cheaper from…

New price: Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker Cinema Version has 2.1 sound with a power of 100 W and its own subwoofer

Xiaomi introduced hot news today. This is the Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker Cinema Version, a new soundbar,…

Xiaomi is the second largest manufacturer of wireless headphones in the world. They only succeeded in 2 years

The market for wireless headphones is growing at a rocket pace. Whether it is innovating in terms of sound, design,…

New coupons: Excellent living room speaker Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar in CZ stock at reduced prices

Xiaomi's TV engagement has been long-standing. In addition to smart TV, it also…

New coupons: Cheap Redmi TV Soundbar with a decent power of 30 W has a stock price in CZ

After several unverified or leaked information, Redmi TV Soundbar from… saw the official light of day.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro will be the first ANC headphones from Xiaomi. Specifications and photos leaked

We only recently announced about new upcoming headphones from Xiaomi. They are called Mi…

Redmi SonicBass are the new sports headphones available

A subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, Redmi, brings new sports headphones with the Redmi SonicBass label. Tie…

The new cheap wired Redmi Hi-Res headphones cost less than € 5

As a subsidiary of the Chinese company Xiaomi, Redmi already offers new ones in its portfolio…

[REVIEW] The Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar is a high quality speaker with the only downside

Xiaomi also offers a powerful and affordable reproduktor speaker in its product portfolio.

Haylou GT2S is a new generation of popular headphones with even better sound. They are still really cheap

Wireless headphones have long been a popular gadget. Especially if they…

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro
Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro with active noise cancellation and wireless charging coming soon

Xiaomi seems to be completing preparations for the launch of its new Xiaomi Mi… wireless headphones…

Xiaomi Haylou T15 headphones with 2200 mAh battery and lasting up to 60 hours received a famous price of only 18 €

Xiaomi has launched 3 wireless headphones in the last 4 months, the latest model is called Haylou T15.




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