Outdoor Xiaomi RAX sneakers can handle even the most demanding sports [COUPON]
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Summer Aliexpress sales: Beautiful outdoor Xiaomi RAX sneakers, we also ordered them and arrived in 15 days

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  1. Lukáš writes:

    Nice, but in that when I have a boy 46 🙂
    Those children's Chinese shoe numbers from Xiaomi.

  2. Filip writes:

    Exactly. Too bad they are not in a larger size 😭

  3. Falco writes:

    If we were interested in a brand new number 44. I am already large, I have already ordered 43,

  4. David writes:

    I have them for 1,5 years .. after the first 43km run, the sole on both shoes came off and it was dry. I taped Allen's chemoprene before I properly degreased it and hold. At that time I bought them for 41 €. They sit on your feet super no bruises just used glue on the sole nothing much!

  5. Miloš writes:

    I would be interested in 44

    1. Editorial writes:

      Like it, just choose a size for Aliexpress. But in 44 they don't have them in this black-turquoise version.

  6. Robert writes:

    Hi, what size foot are you in cm?
    Because I'm exactly thinking about 43 or 44, and according to the comments on Ali, I don't know at all - some wrote more, others less 🙂

  7. Jaroslav writes:

    Hi, I ordered but unfortunately I didn't get anything, the seller didn't respond to my questions so I hope I can at least get the payment.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, are you sure you ordered through the link we have in the article? Because it is the official store of the RAX brand, directly the manufacturer. And no one has ever told us that the goods from them did not reach him.

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