Amaztfit Balance is the manufacturer's first watch with contactless payments
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Promotional price: The best Amazfit Balance smartwatch with NFC payments and fast 13-day delivery

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Good evening, I have it Xiaomi 12t pro And the headphones Xiaomi buds 3 And recently I bought it Amazfit balance I would like to be able to answer calls from the watch and talk from the headphones, but unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, either I will talk from the watch or from the phone, the headphones do not recognize them Even though they are connected to the phone when I answer from the watch


the watch arrived (ordered from the previous article), but I couldn't find the zepp pay offer in the zepp application (contactless payments). Can it be solved somehow? It's the main reason why I bought the watch, now I'm quite disappointed, even though the watch looks great.


I also ended up like that, I bought them mainly because of the payments. Probably even before the paragraph "Info about the product" appeared, and therefore: does not support NFC payments. It's true that the seller doesn't have it written anywhere and apparently also omitted the pictures about NFC. Only when a person clicks on the specifications will he see that Zepp Pay Support – So what NFC Contactless Payment – NO. For the editors, I would recommend to emphasize (or at least change) the title at the bottom: "Amazfit Balance (NFC payments)", because it is not true (until there are other coupons).


Yes, unfortunately, we didn't even know that they would make a special version for Aliexpress without NFC support, and we don't understand it at all. Try to agree with the seller on at least a partial refund. We will update the article.

Peter Pan

And have you already verified that these from the article currently already have NFC support together with Zepp Pay? So that it's not a knock-off and a Chinese version without NFC..


Yes, you already wrote us a message about it or commented on FB.. the seller clearly writes it in the product name: [Support NFC] New Amazfit Balance Smart ... it is also stated in the parameter table. This time it is the NFC version.comment image

Peter Pan

thanks for the detailed info, only after several people burned themselves from alik not long ago and bought a watch without nfc, I just want to be sure
since once a person buys something wrong, it is almost impossible to return any item back to the action. phone from dhgate, which I've been dealing with for almost a year with support and I still haven't received anything, the phone is already in my point) we'll see what happens next

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The code doesn't work


Unfortunately, he has already exhausted himself. Also try XMPLANET20 or 24AE20