Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e, which measure temperature, are coming to Europe
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Great price 58 € directly in the EU warehouse: Beautiful Amazfit GTS 2e watch with temperature and blood oxygenation measurement

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If their pofider application Zepp is needed, thank you - please. We can probably only dream of supporting Slovak / Czech again.


Czech is also supported, but Android must also be in Czech. Not that I enjoy such a system.


On, the owners of the new GTR and GTS models wrote that the language of the watch can be changed directly in Zepp, so the language could be different phone and different in watch.


GTR 2 and GTR 2e. Which are better? In version (e) only extra temperature measurement? Which to choose and why. Thank you

Disappointing Battery Performance and Support

Just got myself a new GTS 2e. With my first settings, the battery consumption was 40% per day (ie 2.5 days to empty). Nobody responds if messages are sent to their "Feedback" part in the Zepp. Stopped several functions now and it needs 50% in 2 1/2 days... Have NO idea how they advertise such long lasting battery times. There is also no clear advice what feature uses how much more battery. Also don't understand why Zepp needs my location to sync with the GTS 2e, no reason to know location for sync.


Hello, is the coupon no longer working? Thank you, Prokop


Hello, unfortunately, the sales ended this morning at 9:00.


And wouldn't it be new?


Apart from large sales on Aliexpress, there are no coupons, unfortunately there are currently no discounts on these watches and they do not pay off in price compared to the prices on SK and CZ.