Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cat Eye is an intelligent "peephole" with a 5 "display
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Xiaomi under the brand Mijia sells a smart door "peephole" along with a 5 ″ display. You buy it in action

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  1. Vojtech writes:

    I also got caught up in advertising about a year ago. From the beginning of use, it was not possible to connect the peephole to the smartphone online. Even if it happened to connect, it didn't last longer. I don't know what pattern uploaded videos are displayed on. Once they are about 10 seconds long, sometimes only 2 seconds and not all of them are recorded. There was no way to set it. Loading videos is terrifying. It takes an infinite long time. The application you mention in the article does not exist in the play store. After a year of use, the device is rated as unreliable, slow and definitely does not meet the conditions you state in the article. Maybe in China. If you don't want to be disappointed like me, I definitely advise you not to get caught up in advertising and buy something else.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the Mi Home by Vevs application is modified and of course it is not available in the Play Store, as it is not an official app. It can be downloaded here https://www.miuios.cz/region-free-mi-home-29089. If you still have the product, try this app, it should work better with it.

  2. Milos writes:

    Thank you for your comment, that's exactly what I needed to know. Practical experience, not marketing reports, which are always so bombastic and sidealized. I tied the pile, as I also have a lot of other things from Xiaomi. But I once burned myself with a deFang camera, which is unusable today, it goes, but only for the first 24 hours, then it doesn't connect to it anymore. However, the camera, which is a 5Ghz among the latest models, is still very reliable. For this product, I'm also afraid of the 2.4Ghz Wifi and also the connection to the CN server. Some apps would Vevs as nice, but I don't need family members every week to maintain their mobile phones to get a newer apk in which it can be packaged anything extra.
    This is what Xiaomi limits, I don't understand why this policy is applied in the application. I understand a product where there are no manuals or UIs made other than Eng or CN, but that they limit the appke? I'm guessing it's because they've agreed with Blitzwolf and others that I won't distribute the products here. Some things are only for some and again you have 5 different apps for smart things in your mobile and another 5 Gateway for ZigBee. Sad fact.
    It is possible to connect other smart networks in Mi Home, but at the end you can not control and combine them. To whom is such functionality, probably only that we can write it in the marketing material "With us, connect all the devices in one app", the reality is completely unusable.

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