Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro has 4000 Pa and 3D navigation
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Coupon in PL stock: High-end Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Mop Pro robot with a suction force of 4000 Pa and 3D ToF navigation

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  1. Moni writes:

    Ordered, I wonder what it will be 😊

  2. Moni writes:

    I have a problem that wppka throws me Network timeout… It works for a while and then again, especially when setting the map, etc. I have a good router and the vacuum cleaner is right next to it. Not sure how I can solve the problem?

  3. Dan writes:

    Why such a high price when it costs up to 250 e elsewhere?

    1. Editorial writes:

      This is a completely different model of vacuum cleaner. This is not even sold on SK / CZ yet. We have the model you mentioned with a coupon for 189 € https://xiaomiplanet.sk/xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-2-kupon-54/

  4. Martin writes:

    hello, how satisfied are you after such a time of use?

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