70mai Dash Cam Omni X200: The world's first 360° car camera!
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Ali Summer Sale with Coupons: 70mai Dash Cam Omni X200 is the world's first 360° car camera

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Apparently they only had a limited amount for those lower prices.


The question is, if I want the car to be under 24h protection, I need a hardware kit. If the camera is facing forward and someone hits my car from the side, I don't believe that the camera will wake up so quickly to turn to the given side and even shoot. It's simply useful, in my opinion, to switch the camera forward and backward.


Don't you want to try out this camera in the editorial office?


We have no plans yet, or possibility to get a piece for testing.


I already bought one product that you published in this way and of course I paid in advance in Aliexpress. It was the sum of 36 euros. They didn't send me anything, neither the seller nor Aliexpress communicates and when I wrote to you about this problem you didn't respond either... So 36 euros ended up somewhere in China and I have, you know what...


Hello, we are sorry for your situation, but we do not remember such a message from you. Where did you write to us? Send us an email at info@xiaomiplanet.sk or message us on the FB page and we'll try to help you, even if we don't quite have a problem-solving contact on Ali. facebook.com/dealplanet.sk/


It has a rather unfortunate location of the power connector. Today, many car manufacturers put in the newest types of vehicles a port on the right side of the interior rear-view mirror attachment, where it is used to power the camera (example in the link). And this camera manufacturer puts it exactly on the opposite side.. Oh my